Curb The Kid-Clutter In Your Boston, MA Home!

You’ve decided to sell your Boston, MA home. Congratulations! As your Boston real estate agent, I can tell you that you’re making a fabulous choice. Home prices are up the most they’ve been up since 2006, and home sales are the highest they’ve been since 2007! Boston homebuyers are trying to buy now before prices and mortgage rates go up, so chances are, your Boston home will sell in no time.

As a Boston home seller, it’s important that you stage your home to sell. That means that when it comes time for potential homebuyers to view your home, every room is clean, spotless, clutter-free and stripped of personal items. The home should look more like a model home than a home with a family living in it. You want your home to look move-in ready for the homebuyer!

However, when children are involved, staging your home gets a little more complicated. Children have a lot of stuff! As your Boston real estate agent, I’d like to lend you some tips on how to control your children’s clutter so that your home still comes off as move-in ready.
  • If you have a lot of homemade artwork laying around or hanging on the refrigerator, now is the time to recycle it. I know, it has sentimental value. So before you do, take a photo of each piece that you love or want to remember. Then, you can add all of those photos to a scrapbook or a picture frame. That’ll be a great keepsake for your grown child someday!
  • Invest in storage bins that have wheels underneath. Or, if you already own a lot of storage bins, try your luck at DIY by attaching wheels yourself! Wheels allow you to easily store bins underneath beds or cabinets. But they also make it easier for kids to pull them out when needed. Inside, you can store loose toys, games, clothes, diapers, dolls or anything else you want hidden!
  • Make storage part of a room’s décor! In this idea from Better Homes and Gardens, they suggest you cut two squares of decorative fabric, preferably with patterns that match the décor of the room they’re going in. Then, you sew them and add a zipper to the side so children can easily get toys or accessories out of them. Hang them on the inside of a closet door so they’re not taking up space!
  • Do your children have a lot of tiny toys that they’ve collected over the years? Those tend to get loose more often, and they’re hard to store away in a large bin. Instead, use an empty toolbox to store them! Toolboxes are made for tiny tools, nails and bolts, so why not use the little compartments for toys? When showing your home to homebuyers, they won’t even know toys are inside.
Hopefully these kid-friendly, clutter-removing tips will help you prepare your home for the Boston real estate market. For more ideas, check out this Apartment Therapy article.

When you’re ready to sell, contact me! As a Boston real estate agent, I can work with you to show your house, host open houses, attract local homebuyers, negotiate prices and close a deal!

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